October 2, 2022

Job Postings: Better Uses for Them, # 1

Job Postings: Better Uses for Them, # 1

The only purpose for looking up job openings online is to apply to them, right?

Nope! Here’s the first in my series of better uses for these postings.

Clue: Who’s looking to hire your future boss? Soon after, that manager may need to hire you!

So as an example, if you’re seeking a job as a Training Specialist, you could start searching for Training and Development Manager openings that can tip you off to a future opening for you.

When a new manager is hired, new staff often follow. Many companies will hold off on filling the need for individual contributors until the new manager is on board to do the hiring.

Before that happens, you have a golden moment to start networking your way into this company, before the position is advertised and hundreds of resumes arrive.

Keep talking to people and monitoring the situation, and if something opens up – there you are, the first and possibly the only candidate, referred in by people who have spoken with you. Now, that’s how to use a job posting!

For more tips, read my post about how job postings are a source of crucial job market intelligence that helps you do a smarter job search and get hired faster.

This post was originally published in 2012 and has been updated.

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